The Devil In Me

‘Cause I was filled with poison

And blessed with beauty and rage’

In the most industrial sense of the word

Black smoke engulfed mess of a woman,

You still stayed with my broken glass


and my chaotic mind


Soul sold to the devil.

I told you to stay,

Stay away

From my lace licked lies

Of red lipped neuroticism,

Do not love me

I said

For You will never be free,

With the devil in me.

-Tina Rose



The Yellow Daffodils

Yellow daffodils that matched her dress

The sun in her eyes as she lay down to rest

She waited and waited for him to arrive

But the day it grew cold

As she opened her eyes,

Where are you? She wondered

Heartbeat in mouth

The sun it was going

Tears they fell down

Creases in dress as she whispered his name

It was spring when he left

And spring when he came.

– Tina Rose