Love Equations

Our Love pencil smudged.

How you could not help but make it anything but mathematical,

How I could not help but hate you for it.

Our Tracing paper love ripped

Your logical brain and  my rubber heart a useless eraser,


Did she feel how I feel?

Will you keep on the straight and narrow

don’t you dare pencil me out now

and fall in love with the point of the compass

whilst detesting my soft projector  curve,

Was I too woman for you?

The sharp  point of your own silver compass, cold and piercing,

How I would always come back to you, scratched,

my heart a fistful of crumpled equation paper.

How I would try to multiply and add whilst you would divide and

subtract our relationship.

How you could never quite let me go.

So go ahead, Tell me Again,

Tell Me you love me 360 degrees.

My Equinox Lover

The witching hour

Our midnight equinox secret

The raven blood and white magic that bound us together

Your love a mood stone of contrasting colours how you could not love me just black and white

A star name

An in the next life darling,

The universe of us rotating,

Parallel lines aligned, the stars finally coming together,

Oh, won’t you love me until the sky turns black and the stars scatter.








The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you, Meher at for nominating me for this lovely Sunshine blogger award! Meyer has such a wonderful blog so I recommend you go follow her.


  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


1.What’s the one thing you like about this blogging community?

The one thing I like is that everyone is always very welcoming and supportive of their fellow writers!

2.How would you describe your blog in just one sentence?

A spoken word diary of my life (love) experiences.

3.Does your blog specifically aim at something? If yes then, what?

Mainly poetry, poetical dialogue and spoken word contemporary poetry. I like to document experiences through words whether that be in my love life or an experience travelling or whilst immersed in nature. Mainly lots of poetry about relationships though! I am working on a collection of poetry titled, This Wild Rose: The Lovers & Leavers.

4.What’s your favourite junk meal?

Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

5.Do you read? If yes, what’s the last book you read?

Yes, I adore reading! I have done two English literature degrees so reading is a big part of my life. The last book I read was Woman’s Hour by Jenni Murray and Sad Girls by Lang Leav.

6.According to you, what can we (as common citizens) do to make this world a better place to live in?

To stand up for good and voice against the people who spread hate: racism, sexism, etc. The world still has a long way to go, but we should always choose love and positivity.

7.How would you define the word ‘peace’ (in your own words)?

Peace is having the freedom and human rights to obtain that peace within yourself which allows you to be the best human being you can be.

8.Do you think it is important to have a purpose in life or do you think there cannot be a specific purpose to life at all?

I think it is a gift to be alive and that we create our own purpose. I also think people should not fret about what their purpose is and should instead focus on what makes them happy and filling their life with love and light. For me, that is enough.

9.Who inspires you the most?

The amazing female role models in the world. For me, feminists such as Emma Watson and the suffragettes who paved the way for votes for women in the UK. I am a major self proclaimed feminist!

10.When in dire situations, what/who keeps you going? My brilliant family, my gorgeous friends and all my bookshelves and bookcases filled with books. I also find writing very therapeutic and a good way to process difficult situations or emotions.

11.What improvisations would you like to make in your blog (if any)?

I’m still working on having a photography page on my blog and more poetry content! I would love to post a poem or two a day. I haven’t posted for a while!

My Nominees:

  1. saritaunspokenwords
  2. my valiant soul
  4. thelonelyauthorblog
  5. Matt
  6. ivor20
  7. The Foureyed Poet.
  8. Michael33
  9. Penny Wilson Writes
  10. Vinx
  11. Hershman Rights

Questions to my Nominees:

  1. What is your favourite thing about being a blogger or writer?
  2. Where do you get your writing and blog post inspiration from?
  3. Who inspires you the most in your life?
  4. How do you deal with writers block?
  5. What is your favourite thing in the world?
  6. What is your mantra?
  7. Best place you have travelled to and why?
  8. Where would you love to travel to in the future?
  9. If you were allowed only one item on a desert island what would it be?
  10. If you had five wishes what would they be?
  11. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?


Thanks guys & dolls and thank you again Meher at!