We Found Wonderland

‘And in the end in wonderland we both went mad.’- T.S

It was that cheshire cat smile that did it

I was half in love, half afraid, I saw you through the looking glass

I would look at you like you were my favourite magic trick, a coin behind my ear, a tale on your tongue, how you held me close and licked your lips

We’re all mad here, you would say, your eyes crazed, a match between your sharpened teeth,

You could set yourself on fire and laugh, I am sure of it

But I was always too scared to tell you,

that I had seen madness,

but only in a boy from Pennsylvania

who didn’t know how to love me.

She was Everything

She was a lilac sky

Mysterious; unforgiving

She was a pink sky

Warm and giving

She was a yellow sky

bright and waiting

She was an orange sky

Bold and waning

She was a red sky

Lustful; wanting

She was a black sky

Cruel and dreamy

She was a green sky

A Strange, strange beauty

She was a blue sky

Moody; held onto heartbreak like a trophy

I was everything,

a kalleidescope of colours, feelings, emotions

They never know if they are coming or going, Just

Watch the colours bleed atop this flesh of white,

Just watch as he runs as he says:

that girl is too much, that girl is too much.

The Vacation Girl and The Men who Came to See Her

I am a dream holiday

A winning lottery ticket

A pre-suicidal Marilyn

Narcotic Beauty

They say, being with me is like chasing a fantasy

I’m always almost certain the novelty will wear off

What a curse it is, to be the type of woman who comes afterwards

to men who have already seen the world.

When you know he will go back to where he started off all along,

When you leave for vacation you always come home.