The End of a Conversation

“12 poems, 7 stories. Their final dispatch. That’s all we could recover, all we could salvage from the ocean.”“Fewer than last time.”“From the green canopy they flew, to tell us that Heaven is silent.”“…I’ve had it up to here with these impenetrable ‘musings’ of yours… So tangled… all to disguise the fact that you have little of substance to say. Ah, forget it. The pieces — are they any good?”
“You’ll see.”

Very happy to say that my poem ‘Wanderlust’ has been published in a little Anthology, now available on Amazon for £6.00:
All proceeds go to the charity WWF. A charity close to my heart! WWF work to undertake vital work to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable animals, places and people, tackle climate change and address the unsustainable consumption of precious natural resources. Please check them out at: WW.WWF.ORG

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